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Summary Descriptive Statistics

Summary Descriptive Statistics – History Museums Only

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WMA HB 1386 Tool Kit

HB 1386 White Paper on background, recent activity, what to look for and how to get started

RCW 36.22.170 codifying HB 1386 defining “Surcharge for preservation of historical documents; Distribution of revenue to county and state treasurer; Creation of account”

Letter Template for County Budget Office of Charter Counties
Letter Template for County Auditors of Charter Counties
Letter Template for County Auditors of Code Counties

Letters will ask for the following information from the appropriate agencies:

  • Total amounts collected for 2005, 2006, 2007, and to date in 2008

  • Budget information for the monies in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008

  • Current balance of unbudgeted monies collected for HB 1386

Talking With Elected Officials – Any Level: Tips on how to actively participate in the legislative process at any level and in a variety of ways with resources and key points to remember.
Kittitas County Proposed House Bill 1386 Grant Program : A synopsis of the proposal presented to the Kittitas County Commissioners by ten Kittitas County heritage organizations.
WMA Tracking Chart on HB 1386 County Funds Status: Chart includes contacts for County Auditors, Commissioners and County Councilmembers and identifies a point person in the certain counties where someone inquiries are being made and/or activity has been initiated. This volunteer is a liaison with WMA and will assist individuals in those counties.


Federal Formula Grant Coalition
Federal Formula Grant Coalition

History News Article


ACTION ALERT: HR 6056: The Preserving the American Historical Record Bill

Connecting to Collections (IMLS)

Connection to Collections – A Call to Action