The Heritage Capital Projects Fund is provides state funding for heritage building projects such as new facilities, renovations of existing ones, and maintenance of historic structures.  The Fund is enshrined in state law but each year risks not being funded.  The practical dilemma of this is that organizations that navigate the complex, peer-vetted application process for the HCPF can be awarded a grant and still not receive funding if the combination of the Governor and Legislature do not allocate the amounts of the awarded in the capital budget of the following biennium.

The Legislature created the HCPF to consolidate lobbying for capital project money by heritage organizations into one dedicated fund, where projects could be prioritized according to merit as verified by an advisory panel of experts appointed by the director of the Washington State Historical Society. It was also created specifically to reduce the number of “pork” projects being attached as riders to unrelated bills while still demonstrating the State’s commitment to its cultural heritage. Further, it allows equal access to capital funds by both large and small heritage organizations, creating greater equity of resource allocations statewide.

To learn more about the Heritage Capital Projects Fund and how to apply, visit the Washington State Historical Society at