Northwest native David Jepsen, who teaches Pacific Northwest and U.S. history at Tacoma Community College, will discuss his new book, Contested Boundaries: a New Pacific Northwest History. Attendees will be fascinated by his informative approach to Pacific Northwest history.

“The Pacific Northwest has always been a sub-story within the larger American West story. We think it deserves more. We think it’s unique, first, in its diversity… It’s one of the most diverse regions in the country. ‘Contested Boundaries’ is an attempt to give (the region) a thematic structure,” said Jepsen. 

“Contested Boundaries” was coauthored with David Norberg who teaches at Green River College, “the new book includes a collection of stories about people contesting the political, economic, and social barriers that blocked their path to equality over the last two centuries. The narrative traces the experiences of Native Peoples, African Americans, Asians, and other immigrants across the centuries as they struggled to hurdle one boundary after another during settlement, industrialization, economic calamity, world war, and globalization.

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