Washington Museum Association Annual Meeting

June 12-14
Vancouver, WA

This year, we reflect on museums as places that amplify. As cultural spaces, museums bring diverse groups of people together. They provide platforms where hidden and underrepresented stories are illuminated and provide thought-provoking exhibits and programs that inspire new or different ways of perceiving the world. Museums are not simply conduits or receptors; they can ignite action. They are built with dedication and love from employees and volunteers who facilitate, maintain, and manage operations to make these significant exchanges occur.

As professionals, volunteers, students, and emerging professionals, many of us are drawn to our work because museums have amplified our sense of vocation. We find ourselves caught up in the passion for preserving and promoting art, history, science and curating experiences in children’s museums in the communities we serve. In choosing this path, we join in the work of generations before us with the responsibility of continuing a legacy. As we reflect on museums as places that amplify, let us also consider our place in it.

  • How did we find our source of inspiration to become the advocates and stewards that we are today?
  • How might we share, encourage, and inspire the next generation into action?
  • How do we share our experiences and institutional knowledge in continuation with our colleagues?



The Washington Museum Association (WaMA) provides scholarships each year to its Annual Meeting. Each scholarship will cover the costs of conference registration.

This includes: all events, meals, and sessions included in conference registration (including a pre-conference workshop and WaMA Banquet), a $200.00 stipend, and a one-year membership in the Washington Museum Association. Scholarship recipients must attend the conference to receive the stipend and the membership, and submit a written experience and photograph of their experience to WaMA for publication purposes. Applicants need not be a WaMA member to apply for a scholarship.

Download scholarship application

Washington Museum Association (WaMA) continues to recognize outstanding achievements in museum work by bestowing Awards of Excellence at the Annual Meeting. Awards of Excellence are presented in the following categories: Exhibits, Projects, Individuals, and Publications. The eligibility period runs 18 months,
from December 2022 through June 2024.

Download 2024 nomination form

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