Have you visited or been part of a groundbreaking exhibition in Washington this year? 

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WaMA celebrates excellence in museum exhibitions every year at the annual conference. 
All applications must be postmarked by February 15, 2019.

Last year’s winners include:

Northwest Nikkei Museum at the Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Washington, Unsettled—Resettled: Seattle’s Hunt Hotel

Skagit County Historical MuseumIn the Valley of Mystic Light

Whatcom Museum, People of the Sea and Cedar: A Journey Through the Tribal Cultures and History of the Northwest Coast

2018 Awards of Individual Excellence
Jerry Kayser of Kayser’s Chapel & Crematory, The Art of the Undertaker

2018 Awards of Publication Excellence
Shafer Historical MuseumLost Homeland: The Methow Tribe and the Columbia Reservation

Museum of FlightFor Future Generations – A History of the Museum of Flight

WaMA Scholarships Applications Due Soon

Don’t miss the chance to sharpen your skills, meet other museum professionals and gain valuable insights into your museum career. WaMA is delighted to offer scholarships to students and emerging professionals to attend our annual conference. Here’s what two recent scholarship attendees had to say about the conference.

“(T)he WaMA sessions I attended and the people I spoke to all seemed alive with action. The love these museums had for the communities that called them a second home was palpable and not taken lightly.”

“I was blown away by the generosity of WaMA members with their expertise and resources.”

Application Deadline February 15, 2019