Cowlitz County

General Position Summary:
This position is a county employee who oversees operations including exhibits, public and educational programs, collection acquisition and care, research, and all matters relating to museum’s property and facility. Performs all budget planning and administration for the museum, which includes two budgets, the budget from the county and the budget from the Cowlitz County Historical Society (CCHS), a Section 501(c)(3) organization. This position is the financial officer with respect to the CCHS budget. Works with the CCHS board of directors to develop procedures and policies for the museum. Manages department’s staff, with full supervisory capacities. Also oversees recruitment and training of volunteers. This position plans, sets, conducts and oversees activities to raise operating, capital and special project funds, and writes, submits and reports on grants.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Prepare and propose the department’s annual budget. Oversee and control fiscal operations and expenditures of the department. Oversee all purchases and acquisitions.
2. Prepare and propose Cowlitz County Historical Society’s portion of budget, oversees fiscal control operations, approves expenditures, deposits funds, writes checks, approve payroll.
3. Personnel management of staff and volunteers: recruitment process, training, performance evaluation, and discipline.
4. Oversee research, planning, development and implementation of exhibits, educational and public programs.
5. Serve as editor of the Cowlitz County Historical quarterly, solicit articles, edit, select illustrations and oversee publishing.
6. Collaborate with CCHS to review, evaluate, and develop procedures and policies for the museum. Implement and oversee museum’s procedures and policies. Oversee and direct all activities of the museum.
7. Research, plan, organize, lead and implement fundraising efforts for operating capital and special projects.
8. Work with the media and tourism bureau to publicize museum and programs, prepare press releases, advertisements, website and PSA’s.
9. Represent the museum to the community through communications/relationships to retain and enhance membership, develop relevant programming, and raise funds for operations and endowment purposes.
10. Seek out and acquire objects, documents, and photographs for the museum’s permanent collections. Ensure that they are legally acquired, properly cataloged and stored according to procedures and museum’s standards.
11. Attend meetings with the Board of Commissioners, Department Heads and Elected Officials, own department staff, outside agencies, and others. Attend job related educational and informational conferences, seminars, or retreats.
12. Perform other duties as assigned by the CCHS and/or Board of Cowlitz County Commissioners.

Minimum Qualifications:
1. Bachelor’s degree in history, museum studies, or related field. Three (3) years of museum work experience, including administration. Master’s Degree with five (5) years of museum work experience preferred.
2. Training and experience in non-profit organization business management, publications and educational presentations.
Desired Skills and Abilities:
1. Long and short term planning with the ability to evaluate accomplishments of set goals.
2. Interpersonal skills with respect to personnel management and supervisory skills.
3. Excellent communication skills to effectively present information and recommendations, both in oral and written form and at a professional business level. Public speaking skills in order to effectively present educational lectures and programs.
4. Establish and maintain effective working relation with other agencies, community groups, other county department staff, and the public.
5. Maintain relevant and up-to-date knowledge and skills current to the industry.
6. Excellent customer service skills. Good analytical and problem solving skills.
7. Excellent time management skills and multi-tasking skills to meet multiple deadlines.

Equipment or Tools:
1. Personal computer and commonly used office applications such as word processing, PowerPoint, PhotoShop, database, museum collection management and spreadsheet software.
2. Standard and commonly used office equipment, cash register, and ability to operate or learn to operate security alarm systems.
3. Operate a sound system and presentation equipment.

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